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Explore the transformative journeys of those who have played Leela. Read their inspiring stories and open up a world of possibilities for yourself.  

Leela player testimonial

Alexandra, Lisbon

"It was a great experience playing Leela with Maria. The game was very dynamic and gave some useful insights into the topic I wanted to explore. Maria was excellent in helping to navigate this self-quest! It was also quite extraordinary how to the point some turns of the dice were, revealing and sometimes very funny in what they highlighted. Does this board have a sense of humour?
Thank you, Maria!"
Leela player testimonial

Anastasia, St Petersburg

"What did I know about this game? Nothing. Maria, in the role of the guide, told me everything, explained, and gently guided me through the game. 'Leela' is definitely not a magic pill. It won't tell you anything you didn't already know. This game will make you think, reflect seriously – and what's important – will set the direction. It will support you and give you confidence... Speaking of my experience, I can say that this game became a 'magical kick' and offered me support. It confirmed what I already knew, and that I need to move in the direction I have already decided on. It's very interesting to see what will happen over time. I can recommend this game to those who are open to something new and are not afraid to look into the depths of their minds."

Leela player testimonial

Valentina, London

"The guided experience of the game was uncomfortably great! It brings to the surface the areas of your life which you may have neglected by focusing on your priority. It also directs you in your thought process and kind of pushes you to look at things from a different prospective, to step out of your set ways and to become honest with your self."
Leela player testimonial

Alena, London

"A unique experience that helps you understand your inner self better. Maria is amazing at guiding you though the game, thoroughly explaining each step and listening to your comments without rushing you."
Leela player testimonial

Alex, London

"A thoughts-provoking game which helped me find answers to the question I have been asking myself for quite some time. It pushed me to look at the topic from new angles which I never considered before. A real eye-opener!" 
Leela player testimonial

Tania, Lisbon

"In my case, "Leela" has taught me to make decisions that don't come easily. In fact, it's not the game that teaches, but rather, it's me. Leela serves as a guide, directing me, perhaps, towards a step I fear to take or have been putting off."
Leela player testimonial

Maria, Monaco

"Maria guided me very sensitively through the field, leading to interesting reflections. As a result, the session passed quite quickly and easily. I enjoyed it and still process the insights that came to me during the game."
Carlota testimonials

Carlota, Rio de Janeiro

"Self-discovery tool that allows you to test the route and to adjust your direction of movement, probably saving many years of self doubt and inner conflict. Perfect for the ones looking after answers for the life questions in one session! Maria is such an intuitive mentor and helped me to rediscover myself during  process in a very smooth way!"
Leela player testimonial

Maria, Lisbon

"The session of Leela provided me with a wonderful opportunity to delve into myself and find answers to some important questions. Your gentle guidance as the facilitator created a sense of embrace, a comfortable atmosphere of trust and openness. Thank you for this experience."
Leela player testimonial

Raysia, New York

"I enjoyed the game! It is kinda psychological, It helps to think deeply and understand your problem."
Leela player testimonial

Alexandra, London

"This game left me in awe with the discovery I made about myself and my path in life. Leela focussed me on what I needed to hear from myself."
Leela player testimonial

Anna, London

"It was incredible experience! I am very glad that I found this game at the end of the year. She gave me an understanding of my true goals and what is stopping me"
Linlin testimonial

Linlin, New York

"Leela is a very insightful game. It’s for anyone who wants to search deeper in their soul, clarify their goals, and understand what makes them happy. You will come out of the game with a new frame of mind and actionable plans. Give it a try yourself and you might just discovery your hidden desires or the answer that’s already reside in you."
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