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A Tale of Leela and Leelaby

A tale of Leela and Leel

"Leelaby was born amidst the tranquil vibes of Bali. It took its first steps there, exploring the hidden gems of this enchanting place and absorbing its ancient wisdom. Later, it embarked on its grand adventure, making a swift stop in Malaysia before finding itself in the oh-so-energetic New York.

Just like any of us figuring things out, there, in New York, Leelaby went through a phase of big changes. It made some great friends and found mentors who helped shape its path.

During those months, Leelaby was on a quest to understand its true purpose and discover its voice, and eventually, it did... in Lisbon. Although Leelaby's journey was far from being over, it finally had a solid plan and worked really hard to manifest its vision into reality.


Later in life, Leelaby paid a visit to London, knowing it would eventually be its home. There, it felt as if the universe was giving a nod of approval, cheering on the milestones it had already achieved and its aspirations for the future.

Over the next few months, Leelaby continued to grow and evolve until it became this extraordinary force – a reminder of the magic and the answers that reside within all of us.

And so, Leelaby's adventure marches on. Even as it continues to evolve, it will always carry memories from every place and every person it met, for they all played a part in shaping Leelaby into this extraordinary force – a reminder of the magic and all the answers that are hidden in us all.


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